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Since 2022, the SuperHero Robbie ​Oxley Foundation has been ​committed to supporting academics, ​athletics, and community, while ​bringing awareness to organ ​donations

About Us

The SuperHero Robbie Oxley Foundation was officially established in ​2022 in memory of Robbie and his father Keith Oxley. Our lives were ​turned upside down in a split second in September 2020 when tragedy ​struck our family with an accident involving Robbie. In his short time with ​all of us, Robbie loved learning at school, playing flag football and t-ball in ​Lawton. He had an incredibly huge heart, boisterous laugh, beaming ​smile and he always made sure all of the kids were welcome in his circle ​of playing.

It was 11 months to the day that Robbie’s heart stopped beating, when ​Keith’s did as well. Keith was the rock of the family, a huge Lawton ​Athletics supporter, and an incredible daddy to Robbie & Emilie.

The SuperHero Robbie Oxley Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit ​organization. Our mission includes supporting academia, athletics, and ​community in Southwest Michigan, while bringing awareness to organ ​donations.

what we support


In 2023, the first SuperHero ​Robbie Oxley Scholarship was ​esta​blished.


Supporting athletes of all ages, ​grade school through high ​school​.


Continued support throughout ​our community while bringing ​awareness to organ donation.

Robbie’s impact

In true SuperHero fashion, Robbie donated several organs, ​which in turn saved the lives of six individuals. The Gift of Life. ​The ability to Donate Life. A choice no one should ever have to ​make, but one that is so impactful, it can allow so many people ​to survive. His accident brought angst to our family, yet ​brought so much hope, joy, and love to those whose lives ​continued.


given back to our community

Donate Life. Gift of life

Robbie Oxley will always be our #superhero

for so many reasons, but he saved 6 lives with his donation.

If you are not an organ donor, please consider it.

-One organ donor can save up to eight lives.

-One tissue donor can heal up to 75 patients with the potential of 125.

-One cornea donor can restore sight to two people.

4th Annual

Superhero Robbie Oxley

Golf Outing

May 11, 2024

Spruce Ridge Golf Course

Dowagiac, MI

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